Archive of: July, 2011

  • In Holiday Mood

    Author Ronnie ReedIt is the end of the school term and here at the Seven Sisters Country Park, as we wave the last school group good-bye on the coach and sneak off to the ice cream van for a celebratory
  • I will survive!

    Author Tom ForwardThere are not many better ways into your landscape than to explore it through the senses of a bushcrafter. Take the basic tenets: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food and all of a sudden you need to change the
  • Flying Ant Day

    Author Neil FletcherMonday 11th July saw millions of flying ants taking off on their mating flights right across Sussex.The black garden ant (Lasius niger) produces large, winged queens at this time of year, which incredibly synchronise their mating flights with thousands of other colonies all
  • The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature

    Author Tony WhitbreadSimon ColmerWell the Natural Environment White Paper that we have all been waiting for has now been published and we have had some time to think about its contents.Since before the election, the Wildlife Trusts, along