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A Call for Marsh Frog Sightings

02 May 2013 | Posted in amphibian , Author , Jess Price

marsh frog / Neil Fletcher marsh frog / Neil Fletcher
Author Jess Price

The marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus) is a non-native species that was introduced near to Romney and Walland Marshes in Kent back in 1935. They have since spread along waterways of the county and populations have also been found in other parts of England. There is a thriving population in Offam Marshes and Lewes Brooks, that was established from the translocation of a few marsh frogs in 1973.

Aidan Mackay has recently started a PhD studentship at the University of Kent doing research to determine whether marsh frogs are having an impact on the distribution of common frogs (Rana temporaria) in South East England. The first step is to get a better idea of the distribution of marsh frogs so Aidan would be very grateful if people could record their sightings of marsh frogs on his website

Please visit for lots of interesting information about the marsh frog and tips on how to distinguish it from our native amphibians.


  • Dean Evans:

    29 Mar 2014 21:52:03

    I think I have seen Marsh frogs at Northward Hill RSPB reserve in High Halstow, Kent near Rochester….I visit the resrve a lot and have being seeing quite a few of these…they look quite dark and bumpy when out in the sun but when wet look a bit different with more greens etc

  • Dean Evans:

    29 Mar 2014 22:08:42

    This pic they look darker but they all sit out on this plank when its sunny

  • Linda:

    18 May 2014 18:29:31

    I think we heard some Marsh Frogs when walking along Hythe Canel in front of Port Lympe zoo

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