26.06.14 Pipistrelles at The Pells

, 29 June 2014

Our final bat evening started at St John's Sub Castro churchyard where bat expert Tony Hutson gave us an introduction to British bats and showed us how to use the bat detectors.

Straight away we were joined by a pair of common pipistrelles hunting over our heads. We walked down to The Pells where we searched over the water for Daubenton's bat and soon located them.

Watching a serotine at The Pells.
Watching a serotine at The Pells.

We also heard the irregular claps of a serotine which then gave us a few fly-pasts as it hunted in the marshy area behind The Pells. At the end of the walk we tuned in our detectors to listen tosoprano pipistrelles.

Thanks to all who attended and to Tony Hutson for leading the event.

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