22.08.14 Artist in residence.

, 22 August 2014

With Lewes Artwave Festival (www.artwavefestival.org/) about to start I thought I'd highlight the work of one of my favourite local artists.

This cormorant has been exhibiting his work on a riverside rooftop next to the Ouse.


Here's a review:

"Whereas many artists open their Lewes houses to exhibit their art this artist exhibits his art on a Lewes house. His bold use of splattered streaks remind one at first of Pollock's 'Arabesque'.....


....and expand on similar themes of white vertical lines explored by abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman in his piece 'Onement VI' which recently sold for $43.8m.


Yet by creating his art with the medium of digested, excreted fish this Banksy-esque guerilla artist adds a refreshing twist akin to Warhol's 'Oxidation' series or 'The Home-Coming of Navel Strings' by Noritoshi Hirakawa."

***** (Five stars, Must See).

cormorant wide

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