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20.10.14 The Creature from the Back Bathroom

20 October 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized

Sue emailed in with a photo of a mystery beast:

"I am hoping that might be able to identify this for me. I found two of them in a spare bathroom about a week ago and they are getting quite active now ! I should be most interested to hear what they are !"

Sue's mystery monster
Sue's mystery monster

Hmmm. It's a bit of a blurry photo which I thought, at first, was a woodlouse. Then I thought that Sue would know what a woodlouse is and I looked at it again.

And then it struck me! At this time each year I usually get a photo of some hoverfly larvae sent to me.

I think a few years back someone even found some in their bath too.

It looks like the larvae of a hoverfly called Volucella inanis. It's a big hoverfly with yellow and black markings that make it look like a wasp but, like all hoverflies, they don't sting and are an important pollinators in the garden. The female sneaks into wasps nests and lays her eggs - so, if it is a Volucella larvae - it may mean you had a wasp nest in your roof somewhere above the spare bathroom.

Anyway - here's a photo that I found online. Do you think this is what is lurking in your bath?

Sue says

"Thank you so much! That is definitely what it is. I'm very relieved to have it identified."

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