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20.05.14 Tussocks, Hairstreaks and Radio 4

22 May 2014 | Posted in Uncategorized

Nick Lear reports from Barcombe

"I thought you might like to see this - a female Pale Tussock moth

Pale Tussock and eggs / Nick Lear
Pale Tussock and eggs / Nick Lear

On Sunday I saw my second ever Green Hairstreak, again on the old railway

line. This one favours one particular Hazel bush and was still there the

next day.

Green hairstreak - Nick Lear
Green hairstreak - Nick Lear

Swallows are still arriving here - extraordinarily late - and setting up to

nest. New ones today."

"On Monday at 11.00pm on Radio 4, the BBC broadcast one of our nightingales singing alongside Sam Lee and friends. You can listen again on the iPlayer:

You need a spare 13 minutes and a glass of wine in your hand for best enjoyment. It was an extraordinary experience being with the BBC producer and musicians in the small hours making the recording."

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