08.09.14 Heading for the Sun

, 10 September 2014

We had perfect weather for our walk to Newhaven on Monday. After slapping on some sun tan lotion we headed south down the Ouse looking for other southbound migrant birds as they headed towards the coast on the first leg of their epic migrations. As we strolled along the river we were joined by swallows, house martin, sand martin, common sandpiper, yellow wagtail, lesser whitethroat, reeed warbler, common whitethroat andwheatear. There were plenty of birds of prey to watch too and we saw marsh harrier, kestrel, buzzard, sparrowhawk and peregrine. The highlight for many was the number ofkingfisherswe saw along the river. There were at least 6 in total and we had good views as they flew and hunted along the river. We'll be doing another bird migration walk on 19th September from Lewes to Southease.

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