Inspiring the New Generation Appeal

A whole generation of children is growing up without ever having experienced the natural world and the great outdoors. It’s deeply worrying for the future of the wildlife all around us.

Donate today to help connect a child with nature, sowing a seed that will inspire them to become custodians of our rich natural heritage in the future

The statistics say it all. According to the Natural Childhood Report, only 10% of children spend time in wild places, compared to 40% of their parents when they were children. 62% of children say they play at home indoors more than any other place.

This has terrible consequences . Today’s younger generation rarely gets out into nature and experiences wildlife first-hand. But here’s the frightening thing. Unless young people learn to enjoy, respect and care for it, they are very unlikely to become custodians of our natural world in the future. So what will become of vulnerable habitats and wildlife?

That’s why here at Sussex Wildlife Trust we urgently need to reach out to thousands of children across the county and engage them in the natural beauty and wonders all around them. In fact, in 2016 we want to get 17,000 schoolchildren connected with and inspired by nature, but it’s going to mean raising £100,000 to do it. That’s why we need your help today.

By making a donation today, your gift will inspire children today – and help save wildlife and habitats tomorrow.

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