Save Our Wetlands

80% of Sussex wetland habitats have been destroyed. Help us raise £50,000 to restore the homes of iconic species like Otters and Beavers.

Our wetlands bring life to our county but this year alone, summer droughts parched the landscape and sewage was discharged into our rivers and seas. At least 80% of Sussex wetland habitats have been destroyed by over-abstraction, development and pollution.

Wetlands are important habitats for supporting wildlife

Healthy wetlands support an abundance of wildlife such as the Great Crested Newt, Water Voles, Otters and Beavers.

Examples of Leaky Dams

How we help restore our wetlands

As part of an innovative partnership project, the Sussex Flow Initiative, we’ve been creating ‘leaky dams’ in Sussex woodlands, and developing nature-based solutions to the challenges facing wildlife, and local communities.

We use logs and brash to partially dam woodland streams to slow down the flow of water. Over time the stream widens across the woodland floor, forming pools and eddies, filtering the water and creating a rich woodland habitat for wildlife.

We need your help

We know we can restore the network of our wetlands and streams, but we need to expand this work to increase our impact.

We hope that one day iconic species like Otters and Beavers will travel freely through our landscape of healthy rivers and streams, rich in wildlife for us all to enjoy.

Will you help us expand our work and increase our impact

Donate now and help save our wetlands.