Support our nature reserves

We need to raise £60,000 in our 60th year to support vital conservation work.

Our nature reserves contain some of the most important and fragile habitats in Sussex, but without careful management these precious habitats degrade quickly and restoration can take decades.

Our Land Management team work hard to care for our nature reserves all year round, but over this past year they have come under unprecedented pressure which has stretched them to the limit.

There has been an exponential rise in visitors to our nature reserves, and whilst it’s been great to see so many people enjoying the fresh air and open spaces, some of our vital site infrastructure has suffered and we are constantly getting reports of damaged fences and gates needing attention.

We’ve also seen an increase in damage caused by anti-social behaviour including fly tipping, unauthorised camping, and barbeques burning fragile grassland turf.

To compound things further it’s all happened at a time when we’ve been dealing with the impact of Ash Dieback, which leaves trees near roads and pathways unsafe, meaning they have to be felled immediately. This has cost over £150,000 in the past three years, putting more pressure on resources.

The Wildlife Trust movement was founded on the concept of nature reserves, and they depend on support from people like you. Please help by making a donation today to support urgent conservation work on our reserves.