Lost Words

Help us save the wild words

Nature was once abundant in Britain - but as we lose our wildlife, so we also lose the words with which we name it. The Oxford Junior Dictionary no longer carries words such as "Acorn", "Bramble", "Dandelion", "Kingfisher" and "Otter", because these words are not being used enough by today's children to merit inclusion.

But, we know children still have a hunger to experience and learn about the wonders nature has to offer them.

The question we’re asked most by school children who visit us at Woods Mill is; “What’s that called?” So this autumn we’re asking you to help us raise £9,000 to send a copy of The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris to every primary school in Sussex as a very special Christmas present.

Each book will come with an Explorer’s Guide to the Lost Words for the school, and our education department is intending to support them with lesson plans, which will help children engage with wildlife. We estimate that a gift of £20 will cover the costs of this project for each school.