Create More Space for Wildlife

In Sussex we have numerous internationally important wildlife sites but not all of them are in the best condition to support the wildlife found there. Some of our ‘national treasures’ are struggling to maintain their wildlife value or under constant threat despite our best efforts.

We know that 41% of British species are in decline. Looking at Sussex as a whole, we see areas where nature's connections are severed, and failing ecosystem services, including water quality, flood resilience and species diversity. But this isn’t long term decline - this has happened in the past few decades. In our lifetimes.

By increasing dedicated land for nature we can provide a turning point for nature’s future.

Your support will help us to...

  • Create connected and functional nature robust to climate change - a ‘nature recovery network’ 
  • Restore existing declining wildlife and wild places
  • Ensure all sectors embed the restoration of nature into their plans and policies and actions and UK laws uphold the commitment to this approach
  • Focus on the creation of areas for wildlife across Sussex communities to ensure nature is accessible to all