hedgehog David Plummer
hedgehog / David Plummer

Tell us if you have seen a hedgehog

Hedgehogs are active between March and November and the best way to see them is to go into your garden at night and listen!

With characteristic spines on their back, course grey-brown fur on their face, thin snout and beady black eyes, we all know what hedgehogs look like; but they are noisier than you might think.

Hedgehogs take their name from the pig-like grunt they emit as they root through garden undergrowth in search of their favourite food - beetle larvae, worms, slugs and snails. In the spring they can get even noisier as they compete for females.

Hedghogs can be found throughout the British Isles but they need our help. Wild areas in your garden can provide food and a safe place for hedgehogs to nest and hibernate. Helpful features include leaf piles and compost heaps for shelter, warmth and bedding material.

DID YOU KNOW: Hedgehogs do the rounds! Travelling around a mile a night in search of food and a mate, ten or more different individuals may visit a garden over several nights and making a 13cm square gap in the bottom of your fence or wall could really help them move from garden to garden.