Rewild a Child

Help put nature back into childhood. Because all our lives are better when they’re a bit wild.

Children’s contact with the natural world is in decline. Only 10% of children now spend time in wild places, compared to 40% of their parents when they were young.

The increase in screen time, the pressures of school work, parental fears and a decrease in accessible green space have all contributed to a decline in ‘wildplay’, leaving our children divorced from nature in their formative years.

If children continue to be disconnected from nature they will not value and care for it in the future. Children who spend less time in nature also suffer in their health and wellbeing and miss out on opportunities to develop physically and mentally.

We’re working to make nature a part of growing up again. From imaginative play in woodlands to pond-dipping and getting wet and muddy, this builds confident, healthy and happy children and makes a connection with nature that can last a lifetime.

Rewild a Child is a unique opportunity to help Sussex Wildlife Trust provide activities for local children in Sussex to explore the outdoors, learn new skills and try something different.Your support could help a child in Sussex to discover a whole new world and be inspired to make nature part of their life.

Sussex Wildlife Trust is ready to provide wild activities for thousands of children in Sussex this year. But we need your support to help us raise the remaining £60,000 we need to make this happen. Contributions will be used to cover the costs of delivering our nature education and engagement work with children and young people across Sussex.