Help Hedgehogs Appeal

Hedgehogs were once a familiar sight in our gardens and countryside, but in recent years they’ve been in dramatic decline. Together we can help bring them back.

With the help of our supporters we run projects across the county to encourage hedgehogs to return to our gardens and countryside.

At Sussex Wildlife Trust we recognise that the best way to help our hedgehogs is to work with local people to make our county a better place for them to live. We offer expert advice to local landowners on how to make their land a better place for wildlife. This way we can have a positive influence on our county, and on the future survival of hedgehogs.

We also work with schools teaching the next generation why they need to care for gardens which will encourage hedgehogs to return to their communities. Our WildCall service is also there to offer free advice to anyone in Sussex who is concerned about their hedgehogs, and assist with any other conservation queries.

With your support these important projects could secure the future of hedgehogs in Sussex.