Forest Copse Appeal

Forest Copse Appeal 100% funded. Thank you.

We've reached our target of £110,000 and the land purchase can go ahead!

Thank you to everyone who supported our appeal; the purchase of the fields will now happen on the 30 November 2023. But don’t worry if you still want to donate; this is just the beginning of our work at Ebernoe Common to help nature recover.

In the coming months and years we’ll be working on managing the new fields, and the rest of Ebernoe Common, to further enhance the rich biodiversity. Every donation we receive will now help support this vital work, as Forest Copse begins the long journey to recovery.

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The generosity of our supporters has helped us purchase the fields so we can make more space for nature, but we also need to commit to its ongoing management to ensure this rewilding project is a success.

This is an important opportunity to create more space for wildlife.

One of the fields was once part of an ancient woodland called Forest Copse which was felled decades ago. However, the soil of this field still has a ‘memory’ of that woodland, as evidenced by Bluebells growing in the open field, and Oak saplings pushing through the grass. Satellite images also show the ‘shadow’ of the woodland on the landscape.

We know the impact projects like this can have. Twenty-three years ago, we purchased arable farmland bordering Ebernoe Common (known as Butcherlands). Now, this land has one of the densest population of Nightingales in the UK with a diverse mosaic of scrubland, grassland and regenerating woodland.

Should the funds raised exceed our target, or if the land purchase does not proceed, Sussex Wildlife Trust will use the proceeds of the appeal for the acquisition and/or management of woodland reserves throughout the county.