Species of the day

Daily sightings by James Duncan, Learning and Engagement Officer with Sussex Wildlife Trust

Now that spring is finally here, the days are longer than the nights and nature responds with vastly increased activity - bird migration is well underway, insects are emerging and buds are blooming. I will be celebrating spring by finding a daily species to photograph, share and enjoy. These will be something that everybody can get out and find close to home.

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    • Species of the day: Pipistrelle Bats

      Species of the day: Pipistrelle Bats

      The Pipistrelle bats are Britain’s most widely distributed and regularly seen species. Somewhat confusingly, the Pipistrelle isn’t a single species of bat at all, it is in fact three

    • Species of the day: Scorpionflies

      Species of the day: Scorpionflies

      The Scorpionflies belong to a truly ancient prehistoric order of insects whose ancestry dates back to the Permian epoch, more than 250 million years ago

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