Wildlife Diary 50 Days Review

Fifty days! Michael Blencowe look back over the highlights of the past seven weeks of the Wildlife Diary

Fifty days ago we were told to go home and stay home. I grabbed some bits and pieces from work; a laptop, a trail camera, and drove back to my bungalow and I haven't really been out since. I stocked up on black beans, shaved all my hair off and became extremely anxious about leaving the cul-de-sac. It's weird to think that for the last 50 days I have only made it past the end of the cul-de-sac a handful of times.

The new boundary to my world. Out exploring the furthest reaches of my kingdom where the cul-de-sac joins the road.

As my world shut down and shrank I turned to my garden as a focus away from the repetitive, depressing news. I had the idea that keeping an online diary would force me to write something each day - giving me a commitment and putting some structure into a life where hours and days all started to merge into one. I also hoped it would entertain, educate and inspire people and provide a distraction in these challenging times.

At first people worried that I wouldn't find enough to talk about each day, but the garden has been an endless supply of wonderful wildlife. I mean, I'm on day 50 and I haven't had to resort to getting the moth trap out yet. Or the Longworth traps. Or the pond net, beating tray, sweep net and hedgehog tunnel.

Thanks for reading the daily diary. Can I write another 50? Will I need to? Let's find out.