Landscape Innovation Conference

Thank you to all the speakers, experts and delegates of the Landscape Innovation Conference - their valuable contributions led to the success of the day.

Thank you also for the wonderful hospitality offered by the University of Sussex.

Landscape Innovation Conference presentations

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  • Fran Southgate setting the context (5.18 mins)
  • Bella Lack (16.07 mins)
  • David Saddington (27.59 mins)


Panel Discussion

Designing Futures & Tor Lawrence closing speech

What’s been happening since the conference

Our intention for the Landscape Innovation Conference is for it to be a springboard for continued action for biodiversity and climate change. With that in mind, here is some information that you may find useful as an update :-
Since the Conference, Sussex Wildlife Trust has :-

  • Agreed funding for follow-up events
  • Is exploring the potential for the creation of a unified Sussex climate vision, and has been offered some funding to support this
  • Is working more closely with local Councils on Climate change, Biodiversity and Wilding strategies including Wilder Horsham District
  • Helped set up a new Cuckmere & Combe haven Natural Flood Management project, in partnership with the EA, High Weald AONB, SE Water and SE Rivers Trust
  • Announced the granting of a licence to introduce beavers at the Knepp Estate rewilding project
  • Is working to define the role of carbon accounting in our Local Nature Partnership Natural Capital Strategy , and is defining which nature based solutions we can support for climate and biodiversity
  • Announced the granting of a local byelaw which is a major milestone in restoring natural kelp forests to our marine ecosystems
  • Funded 5 community climate action projects, in addition to the winner of our Conference climate change competition
  • Is discussing ways of linking farmers and landowners to support to enable them to adapt to climate change, and to deliver public goods for public money
  • Has continued delivering all of the work that we do to maintain and restore biodiversity and natural capital in Sussex, and to engage people with nature

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