Use your voice

Election candidates will be going door to door and talking to you about what they stand for. You can use this chance to let them know how much you care about wildlife and show them that nature matters to us all.

If you want to quiz your candidates on what they’ll do for nature, we’ve put together a few quick questions you can ask them:

1. How will you and your party act decisively to tackle the crises in the natural environment? 

You could also ask: Will you and your party commit to an Environment Act that creates connections for wildlife and tackles nature’s decline head on? 

2. What will your party do to support farmers in contributing to nature’s recovery? 

If you want more detail, ask them: Will you and your party introduce an Agriculture Bill that pays farmers for helping wildlife’s recovery and other positive environmental actions?

3. What will your party do to protect and revive our seas? 

More specifically: Will you make sure that our seas are managed properly, and important marine habitats are given the high level of protection they need and deserve?

Make a bigger splash – share these questions with others who care, too.

Sussex Wildlife Trust is an independent charity and does not endorse any candidate, political party or parties.