General Election 2019

Thousands of people have been calling on Government to stand up for nature. This election is a chance to up the volume – and tell candidates that they must act now and act decisively

It’s no big secret that we all depend on nature. It’s also no secret that nature is in deep trouble, in the UK as much as anywhere else. More than half of our species are in decline and the UK is now one of the most nature-depleted places on earth.

But the energy for change is growing rapidly. Governments around the world are declaring nature and climate emergencies; the environment is always in the news, increasingly on the agenda; and ever more people and groups join the climate strike movement, realising they can no longer sit still.

We can bring it back

The Sussex Wildlife Trusts works every day to protect and restore our special wild places, working on the ground to find solutions to nature’s decline. Every day we come face to face with the pressures on nature in Britain, and we know that nature can recover. We also know what’s needed: better protections and a connected landscape and seascape, with space for nature to thrive.

Manifesto Wilder Future

Read The Wildlife Trusts' Wilder Future Manifesto

By protecting and restoring our natural world, we can:

  • allow wildlife populations to recover
  • help soak up carbon to tackle future climate change
  • enable our landscapes, cities and towns to cope with the changing climate that is already with us, by holding water, providing shade and absorbing pollution
  • increase everyone's access to nature, helping to improve our mental and physical wellbeing

To achieve this, we need legislation that will give nature these protections and we need to put nature’s recovery at the heart of planning, farming and Government. 

That’s why we are calling on all political parties to pledge to:

  • Back an ambitious new Environment Act with legally binding targets to restore nature, a powerful, independent environmental watchdog, and a Nature Recovery Network to protect and join-up important places for wildlife.
  • Introduce an Agriculture Bill that pays farmers for helping wildlife and for rebuilding our natural countryside, so that public money is used for the good of everyone and farmers help create a connected landscape
  • Revive our marine environment through a network of Highly Protected Marine Areas and a new Marine Strategy to guide how we develop at sea, how we fish within environmental limits and how we restore our marine ecosystems to support plentiful fish and wildlife
  • Accelerate action on the climate crisis including ambitious natural climate solutions that capture carbon in our peatlands, meadows and forests. 

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