The Time Is Now

A mass lobby for climate, nature and people in London, Wednesday 26 June 2019.

The time is now for MPs to end the UK’s contribution to climate change and pass ambitious laws for nature's recovery on land and at sea. On Wednesday 26 June, thousands of us will be gathering in Westminster to lobby MPs for:

  • a robust and ambitious new Environment Act
  • a commitment to deliver and improve on the Government's net zero emissions target

We are inviting all the Sussex MPs to meet us at the lobby, but they are much more likely to turn up if their constituents are also there and ask them to attend. Please join us in London on 26 June and write to invite your MP, too.  We hope to see you there!

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Why now?

The earth’s alarm clock is ringing. Climate change is the single biggest threat to our planet. People across the globe are suffering from the effects of climate change and our wildlife populations are being wiped out. Together we will call for stronger laws to protect our climate, nature and people.

This summer will see the Government:

  • Decide whether to commit to end the UK’s contribution to climate change by setting a net zero emissions target
  • Propose ambitious new laws which would clean up our air, slash plastic pollution and restore wildlife to our countryside

We will be sending Westminster a wake-up call demanding urgent action in response to the challenges our beautiful world is facing.  Let’s send a message to Parliament that The Time is Now.

What’s happening on June 26?

The lobby will begin at 1pm, forming a line from the Houses of Parliament down to Lambeth Bridge and back along the other side of the river Thames.  The line will be organised by region and then by constituency, so please arrive in plenty of time to find your place – there will be signposts and volunteers on hand to help you.   

At 2pm we will be sending politicians a wake-up call by setting off as many alarm clocks as possible – we want to create a noise that cannot be ignored!  We need your help to make this possible. If you have a portable alarm clock at home, please bring this with you on the day and schedule it to go off at 2pm. And if you don’t, don’t worry — you can use your phone!
From 1pm to 4pm, MPs will be finding and meeting their constituents in the lobby line.  Talking to our MPs is the main focus of the day.  Let’s make sure we use this opportunity to tell them they need to take action to end our contribution to climate change and start building a cleaner, healthier and safer world for nature and people. 

Getting there

Use our national express code CCL2019 for 25% off your journey to the lobby on 26th June. Redeem the code at - it can be used anywhere on the National Express network to London Victoria Coach Station.

Transport for London have a useful travel planner with details of buses, trains and tube services, routes for walking and cycling, and accessibility advice:  

What shall I say to my MP?

Our MPs are there to represent us - that is their job - so we need to tell them what we want.

Find out why we are calling for an ambitious new Environment Act

At the lobby you will have a chance to tell your MP why you are demanding action for nature’s recovery.  Why is this important to you, and how does it affect you personally?   

Maybe you live in an area with lots of air pollution.  Net zero means drastically changing our transport systems and development patterns so they are truly sustainable.  A new Environment Act committing to the creation of a Nature Recovery Network would provide a legal impetus to plant more street trees and create more urban green spaces that help absorb airborne pollutants.  

Or perhaps you live in the countryside and would like to see a greater shift towards wildlife-friendly farming.  The new Environment Act should deliver incentives for farmers to provide a network of spaces for wildlife alongside food production.  It should also ensure that the 'Polluter Pays Principle' (which is currently enshrined in EU law) still has an effect in the UK when we leave the EU.   

Or maybe you just want your children or grandchildren to experience nature in the way you were able to. We want an Environment Act that requires all departments to act to benefit the environment, including the Department of Education.

The Time is Now is being organised by Greener UK – a coalition of UK environmental charities including The Wildlife Trusts – and The Climate Coalition.